Thursday, July 16, 2009

magnetic stickers and pins:Bumper sticker- great expression

Bumper stickers are small publicity stickers affixed chemically or magnetically to a vehicle's bumper.They are effective promotional tools to market a brand, product, service or any business. These stickers are used for various purposes which include promoting a specific political party or opinion, one’s favorite team, and much more. Bumper stickers are a means of proclaiming one’s views on life as well as any other areas of interest.

Bumper stickers carry images that can be thought-provoking, intelligent, silly, funny, crazy or stupid. Politically active drivers mainly use bumper stickers to promote their connection with a favored candidate. During the election season, these vehicles become traveling placards, circulating the politician's name among potential voters.

Another main subject for bumper stickers includes humor. Many of them come with various joke messages for different age groups and humor levels. Other common themes included in bumper stickers are religious affiliations, hobbies, school affiliations, and professional memberships. Usually, most of the people make assumptions about the vehicle driver based upon the bumper stickers adorning that vehicle.

One can use a variety of bumper stickers, along with pins and T-shirts, that do double duty for merchandising and marketing. Some use bumper stickers to express an opinion on a controversial topic. These messages can be short messages, smart captions or brilliant sayings designed in bold letters. Bumper stickers are relatively inexpensive to produce.

Bumper stickers are great marketing tools and help raise money when adopted in advertising. Custom-designed stickers are more economical, as they better serve the purpose of the user. One can order bumper stickers through the Internet or buy from gift shops and novelty item stores. Many printing or advertising companies are also involved in the sale of bumper stickers.(Josh Riverside)

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