Saturday, July 18, 2009

magnetic stickers and pins:Bumper Stickers Are a Point of View

People across the country have all kinds of hobbies involving sports, collectibles, books, movies and even bumper stickers. Bumper stickers, as evidenced by their name, are stickers placed on the bumpers of motor vehicles. They aren't always only placed on the bumpers though. Some people place bumper stickers all over their truck, their doors, their hood and even their windows. Bumper sticker collecting is a hobby in and of itself that people enjoy adding to. Sometimes bumper stickers are collected for the sole purpose of keeping them in a scrapbook or notebook and not using them on a car at all.

There are people that are so enamored with their bumper sticker collection that they cover every single inch of their car with bumper stickers. From the front bumper all the way to the rear bumper and every piece of vehicle in between, bumper sticker fanatics love to plaster their cars with these stickers that describe hobbies or favorite sports teams.

Bumper stickers:

• Political ads
• Quotes
• Sports teams
• Hobbies such as hunting, fishing, snowboarding and water skiing
• Religion
• Favorite actors
• Favorite movies
• Favorite television shows
• How's my driving for commercial vehicles
• Country flags or slogans
• Gay or lesbian pride
• Ethnic pride

Bumper stickers have been used for as long as automobiles have been around and express a philosophical point of view or a humorous point of view as well. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and languages. People also place bumper stickers on their cars to show loyalty to their alma mater whether it be in high school or college. Other bumper stickers advertise a business or a place of vacation like OBX (the Outer Banks) or OCNJ (Ocean City, New Jersey).

The problem with bumper stickers though is that when they are used in excess, the car can lose its value with all of the 'decorations' all over it. Bumper stickers can be difficult to remove without pulling off some of the paint with them. Goo gone, citrus based, is a good product to use when removing a bumper sticker from a car without having the paint ripped off with it.

Bumper stickers can sometimes cause road rage incidents in this ever changing world. People who display their character, individuality, personality and/or opinions through bumper stickers often cause problems with other drivers. People, since the dawn of time, have had their own opinions about different topics and like to express them in their own way, sometimes in a violent manner. People reading bumper stickers on the roads can become incensed with a certain political stance or belief about religion and take it into their own hands to express their individual thoughts by following the other driver and even trying to run them off the road.

Bumper stickers are one of the oldest collection hobbies in the country and even the world. They help people express their interests, loves, hobbies and opinions in a different way than speaking about them. Bumper stickers speak for people without saying anything. They are also considered a piece of artwork.
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