Friday, July 17, 2009

magnetic stickers and pins:Christian bumper sticker

Apart from providing reminders and inspiration to Christians with regard to their faith, Christian bumper stickers have now taken on a different character. These bumper stickers are now collectors items precious finds that fetch a hefty sum. Given the classic nature of these stickers, collectors bid as high as $1 million for an original bumper sticker that was made in years past. However, buying these stickers also involves buying the cars that they were originally stuck on, which makes the hunt for these stickers even more exciting for enthusiasts.

Notable sales for classic stickers

One of the most famous Christian bumper stickers is the ?Honk if you love Jesus sticker?. In an auction in New York, the popularity of this sticker was proven when the winning bid for the sticker amounted to one million dollars. Another famous sticker, which is the "Have you prayed today"? sticker, made in 1958, fetched a higher price of $1.2 million dollars in a recent auction. The people who buy these stickers display them together with their Picasso's and Mo nets.

Some less notable stickers can fetch a price between $10,000 to $50,000 dollars. Cars with a combination of more than one bumper sticker can fetch up to $700,000 for the set. This phenomenon has encouraged collectors to intensify their hunt for these stickers. They have often moved to homes set close to big churches in the hope of cashing in on the demand for such collectors' items.

The demand for classic Christian bumper stickers has increased significantly in the recent years. These stickers have not only been purchased at high prices but have also been popularly auctioned, with bids reaching the million-dollar mark. Given the demand that these classic Christian bumper stickers have generated, it is expected that their prices will continue to rise in the future.

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