Friday, July 17, 2009

magnetic stickers and pins:A guide to use pins

Pins are small metallic devices, used to attach or hold multiple objects together. They are usually made of steel and created with a thin wire. They have sharpened tips and flat heads, to clip or hold objects together. This also helps the sharp tip from remaining exposed and hurting the user. Earlier, pins were made of iron and bones, until the popularity of metals enhanced the different ways of using a pin. The use of pins has considerably reduced the use of ribbons and strings for tying documents and holding things.

Modern pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each fulfilling an individual purpose. There are hairpins, office pins, safety pins, costume jewelry pins, push pins, cotter pins, bobby pins, lapel pins and clevis pins, to name a few. Pins are put to a variety of uses on the busy office desks and dressing tables. Though primarily made up of steel, pins are now also made of brass, enamel, different metals and plastics. Pins used for office jobs are comparatively lightweight and simple, whereas those used for costume jewelry are ornate and heavier. They are known to cater to casual and sophisticated styles.

Costume jewelry pins come in various shapes, featuring the forms of animals, birds, fish, flags, angels, flowers and insects. They are decorated with colors, finishes, gloss and stones, to impart a gorgeous touch to costumes and uniforms. Pins of the different varieties can be found online, to suit individual requirement and purpose. Several manufacturers and dealers accept online orders and provide online quotes and catalogs to buyers to choose from. Prices may vary according to the specifications and preferred designs of the buyers.(Kent Pinkerton)

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